Ice Bath Pro
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- Extra Large Ice tub allows for full immersion
- Military-grade tub built for durability
- Thermo top lid keeps water at steady temperature
- 10x more insulated than the original ice bath pod
- Fully portable with 10min set-up

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  • Made with ultra Durable Skin-Friendly PVC and extra thick 10cm drop stitch fabric
  • All-weather indoor/oudoor performance
  • Hardened-Wall and Insulated Construction
  • Fits users of all sizes
  • Packs into carry bag (included).
  • 400 litre capacity
  • Extra large spacial capacity - 150(L) x 70(W) x 70(H) cm
  • Lockable thermal-shield lid for max temperature control
  • XL Insulated hard-wall tub (400L capacity)
  • Thermal shield lid
  • Double action hand pump
  • Custom carry bag
  • Instructions manual
  • What are the benefits of cold water therapy?
    Cold water therapy has been proven in recent years to have a variety of health benefits, including: boosted immune function, improved circulation, deeper sleep, higher energy levels, reduced inflammation, greater metabolic function, improved mood and faster recovery.
  • How cold should my ice bath be?
    Tap water temperature will be generally similar to current air temperature. Ideal ice bath temperature is below 15 degrees.
  • How many VITALICE freezer ice packs should I add?
    Each set (4 pack) is equivalent to 5kg or roughly 1 bag of servo ice. Depending on water temperature we recommend using 2-3 sets.
  • How long will it stay cold for?
    The VITAL+ Ice Bath Pro is made with ultra-insulated, reinforced PVC to minimise heat absorption and a lockable custom-fit lid that creates a thermal-bridge bridge to keep the tub cooler for longer.
  • Does it come with a cover?
    Yes, every purchase comes with a custom-fitted, lockable lid.
  • How long should each session be?
    Research has shown that to enhance recovery you should aim to accumulate 11 min per week in the Ice Bath. You can either do this all at once (i.e. 11 min straight) or if you’re not used to Cold Water Immersion, you can break it up into shorter durations (e.g. 2 x 5 min with 2 min out of bath inbetween).
  • What happens if I want to return the ice bath?
    We offer a 90 day return policy so that you can return the VITAL+ Ice Bath Pro for a full refund if you are not 100% happy with the product. If returns are due to faults, sufficient documentation should be sent.
10x more insulation than regular ice baths
Our ultra-thick, fully insulated tub and lockable lid will create a thermal bridge between the inside/outside air and keep water cold 10x longer than a standard ice bath.
Indestructible, no matter the weather
The ultra durable fibreglass reinforced PVC is built to last and near impossible to damage.
Ice bath anywhere, anytime
Whether it's in comfort of your own home or to a weekend retreat, the Ice Bath Pro can travel with you anywhere.
2x the size of a regular ice bath
The Ice Bath Pro is twice the size of regular ice baths. Whether you are a 6'9" giant or want to ice bath with your partner, you will have plenty of room to plunge.

Ice Bath Benefits

VitalPlus Benefits
Rapid recovery

Ice baths have been proven to speed up muscle recovery and reduce soreness

VitalPlus Benefits
Mood booster

Ice baths release 250% more dopamine than a cup of coffee, leading to improved mood

VitalPlus Benefits
Immune support

Cold therapy can lead to increased immune function, increasing your body's defences to common illness

VitalPlus Benefits
Stress relief

Studies show that cold therapy releases a flood of calming hormones that can lead to increased relaxation and reduced anxiety

VitalPlus Benefits
Increased metabolism

Regular ice baths can lead to increased metabolic activity, which enhances the body's ability to burn fat

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